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Tink's Smokin' Stogies - Synthetic Bear - Wild Berry - 2 Pack

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These Tink’s Smokin’ Stogies are made with our proven Tink’s Wild Berry Scented Synthetic lure formulated to work during the spring and fall bear seasons. The ingredients in the smokin’ stogies have been specially formulated to attract bears. Simply light a Tink’s Smokin’ Stogie and it will smolder (no open flame) for up to three hours sending scent-infused smoke to drift downwind, sticking to grass, brush, trees, everything it comes into contact with, creating a buck-tempting trail back to your stand.

Tink’s Smokin’ Stogies are the solution to hunting freezing temperatures that can render liquid lures a little less effective or difficult to use. And the scent-laden smoke is more potent than liquid lure, so it provides longer-range attraction.

One sit, one Tink’s Smokin’ Stogie! Longer burn time means less getting out of the stand to light another stick on those freezing cold, long sit days.

  • Sticks will smolder for approximately 3 hours
  • Place position by pressing the exposed stick in the ground being careful not to handle the coated portion.  This scent will stick to your hands.
  • Cup your hand around the top of the stick and hold a flame to it until lit.  There will be no open flame…sticks should only smolder.
  • Place downwind of your hunting location and allow the scent to blow toward your shooting lanes. Smoke travels farther downwind than traditional lures.
  • Works in Freezing Temps
  • 2 Pack