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Tink’s® Black Label

The Bar Has Been Raised. The Standard Has Been Set.

* Limited Quantity Available

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Tink’s® Signature Black Label is the standard to what all others will compare. This Exclusive #69 Doe-In-Rut® formula consists of 100% high-octane, premium doe estrous collected at the peak of a particular does breeding cycle.

Black Label isn’t for the fly-by-your-seat kind of hunter. But for the Die-Hard, Never-Rest, and Straight Obsessed Hunter. The Whitetail-Chasing Enthusiast who is always ready to make it count when rut comes around.

We didn’t just set the bar. We invented it.

  • LIMITED EDITION: Uniquely potent, limited model.
  • PREMIUM: Tink’s Signature BLACK LABEL Estrus #69 is the world’s finest, most potent NATURAL whitetail deer estrus.
  • PERFECTLY TIMED: Collected when a doe is at absolute peak heat, using a patent-pending process to ensure purity.
  • SCENT and SIZE: Tink's Premium BLACK LABEL Estrus #69; 2 OUNCE bottle.
  • NATURAL LURE: Nothing beats natural. Using the very smells that drive deer wild, Tink's natural scent lures have earned hunters their biggest bucks, first bucks, and bucks to remember for a lifetime
  • *Limited Quantity Available

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