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Tink’s® Trophy Buck - Hot Shot® Gel Stream Synthetic 5oz.

More Scent. More Attraction.
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When you pull out the rattle bag and grunt calls, add Trophy Buck lure to your pack for realism like never before. Tink’s® Trophy Buck Synthetic Hot Shot® Gel Stream mimics the natural urine collected from dominant bucks and implements mock gland secretions that create a territorial challenge and provoke a bucks curiosity to search and destroy. Be the antagonist this season as you dispense 100% pure lure that is designed to last, and leave the guessing out of the game.

Tink’s® Trophy Buck - Hot Shot® Gel Stream Synthetic 5oz.

  • 3oz. Hot Shot® Can
  • Territorial Challenge: Synthetic dominant buck lure creates a territorial challenge indicating a buck in the area.
  • Pre-Rut / Rut: Pre-Rut and Rut lure designed to heighten curiosity through all phases.
  • Pure Lure: 100% pure scent with no propellant.
  • Long-Range Attraction: Shoots 10-foot streams of scent-infused gel that stays active longer.
  • Long-Lasting Formula: Reactivate with moisture and won’t dry keeping you in the stand longer.