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Tink's® Fight Hot Shot® Synthetic Gel Stream - 5oz.

Synthetic challenging scent in a gel stream
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Tink’s® Trophy Taker Gels take up little room in a pack, are easy to use and fit every scenario you may encounter. Fight is a scented gel which simulates a territorial intruder, triggering responses from aggressive deer. Shoots a stream of scented gel up to 10’, providing strategic placement options right from the tree stand. This long-lasting lure won’t weaken in rain and won’t dry in wind. The gel sticks to leaves, bark and pine straw without damaging the environment.

Tink’s® Trophy Taker Gel Streams utilize Bag-in-Can technology that separates the product from the pressurizing agent for zero contamination. This system enables the entire product to be dispensed - no waste! Sprays longer than traditional aerosol-powered sprays. Even sprays upside down! Includes locking feature to prevent unintentional actuation.

  • Territorial Intruder Buck Lure
  • Triggers responses during the Pre-Rut & Rut
  • Formulated to key on his aggression
  • Gel formula reactivates when it comes in contact with water
  • Size: 5 Ounce
  • Scent: Fight


Scent Fight
Size 5-ounce
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