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Tink's® Super Lure Buck Lure - 1oz.

High octane buck lure
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The scent from Tink’s® Super Lure will bring in mature bucks from farther away. This formula contains 100% high octane doe estrous produced by does fed a specialized diet to provide urine with a SUPER strong smell for longer range attraction. This scent is best used prior to and during the rut. Use this scent on scrapes, drag rags, boot pads or in Scent Bombs for best results.

  • 100% High octane doe estrous
  • Does are fed a special diet to give their urine a SUPER strong smell for longer range attraction
  • Strongest smell on the market
  • Best used for pre-rut and during rut
  • Use at scrapes, on drag rags or in a Tink’s® Scent Bomb®
  • Size: 1 Ounce


Size 1-ounce
Scent Super Lure
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