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Tink's® Smokin’ Sticks #69-X® & Sweet Honeysuckle Combo

Quiet, long-range attraction
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Combine the dual attraction madness of in this Smokin’ Sticks Combo Pack and call the taxidermist! Tink’s® Smokin’ Sticks #69-X® Synthetic is formulated to smell like fresh doe urine at the peak of their breeding cycle while the Tink’s® Sweet Honeysuckle features a curiosity-inducing aroma.

Simply light, and allow the smoke to travel downwind for long-range attraction. The scent-infused smoke adheres to everything it comes in contact with, leaving a scent trail right to your stand.

  • Smokes for approximately 2 hours
  • Scent will stick to everything it comes in contact with
  • Contains 6 #69-X® & 6 Sweet Honeysuckle sticks
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