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Tink's® Scent Reel

10” Retractable Wick
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The new Tink’s® Scent Reel dispersal system enables you to maximize the effectiveness of your favorite Tink’s® lures and scents. Tink’s® Scent Reel is a retractable, compact and easy-to-use device that will put an abundant amount of scent in the woods with less mess.

Slide the lock switch to unlock the reservoir cap and fill with 1-ounce of your favorite Tink’s® lure. Replace the cap and lock. A leak-proof o-ring ensures you won’t lose a drop. When you reach your hunt location, simply pull the hanging loop to unwind the wick to the desired length, up to 10”, and hang. When the hunt is over, turn the reel to wind in the wick.

  • 10” Retractable Wick
  • Convenient, Durable & Rugged Design
  • Reflective Strip To Quickly Locate
  • Leak-Proof O-Ring System
  • Size: 2.5 Inches


Size 2.5-inches