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Tink's® Power Scrape® All-Season Kit

Complete Scrape system
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Tink’s® Power Scrape® All-Season Kit is a necessity each fall. The All-Season Kit will influence travel pattern and persuade bucks to consistently return to a scrape. With the addition of the Scrape Bomb® you are provided with an all-in-one convenient dispersal system to use on both natural or mock scrapes.

  • Includes Power Scrape starter, a Scrape Dripper and the Power Scrape Finisher
  • Patterns bucks to return to scrape
  • Use on natural or mock scrapes
  • All-in-one convenient all-season system
  • Size: Two 4 Ounce
  • Scent: Power Scrape Finisher, Power Scrape Starter


Scent Power Scrape Finisher, Power Scrape Starter
Size (2) 4-ounce bottles
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