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Tink's® Non-Rut Combo 

#1 Doe-P + Trophy Buck 
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Increase your odds outside of the rut with this powerful lure combo pack! Includes 1-ounce bottles of Tink’s® #1 Doe-P® and Tink’s® Trophy Buck lures.

Tink’s® #1 Doe-P® features a distinctive smell that makes deer curious. Simulating the scent of a new doe in the area, this formula is aimed to please and acts as a great all-season lure, especially during bow and post-rut seasons.

Trophy Buck Lure is 100% natural rutting buck urine collected from dominant bucks and reinforced with tarsal gland and interdigital gland secretions. The rutting odor of a buck induces a territorial challenge to another buck and provokes him to seek out the foreign buck. Tink’s® Trophy Buck Lure works as a curiosity lure in early season when bucks often travel in bachelor groups.

  • Size: 2 1-Ounce Bottles
  • #1 Doe-P, Trophy Buck


Size (2) 1-ounce bottles
Scent #1 Doe-P, Trophy Buck