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Rut Magic

Rut Magic


Wow this year has gone fast and that time of year, we as deer freaks, all wait for will soon be here,


Depending on the hunter you talk to, some like hunting the Pre Rut prior to the peak of the rut. You ask why, because most bucks are still in somewhat of a pattern. This is a perfect time to use products like our Power Scrape and Trophy Buck Urine. Bucks are still checking scrapes for that first doe coming into estrous and making sure they don’t have an intruder in the area. Using these types of products will help keep the buck in the area and keep him coming back to the scrape and hopefully you are in a treestand overtop of the scrape! Remember more than one buck will use or visit a scrape.

Now for the hunters that love to hunt that magical time The Peak Rut and why. Hunters know that at this time the monster bucks are on their feet looking for estrus does. The bucks are no longer using or checking scrapes. Bucks are cruising all over the countryside smelling for an estrus doe. This is the perfect time to break out the Tink’s #69 to attract a buck. I prefer to place 3 or more scent bombs around my stand location. This helps with wind changes and it gets more lure in the air. This is also the time to pull out all the tricks like soaking Tink’s Super Draggers with #69 and drag to your stand so when that buck crosses your trail he follows the lure to your stand. Remember the Peak Rut is a magical time of year, the bucks are love sick and Tink’s #69 has been many a bucks fatal mistake for 40 years!

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