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Pre-Season Equipment Check

Pre-Season Equipment Check


Well it’s that time of year, getting ready for hunting season. There are several checks I always do. Things like spin test my arrows with broadheads attached. A good tip is to make a list of equipment you want in your fanny pack or backpack. One product I always want in my pack is a Tink’s #69 Buck Bomb. I can use it for a wind detector or deer lure and one of my favorite things is to use it to help cover my scent when I see deer going down wind of my stand location. Just give it a few bursts and that puts lots of scent into the air and hopefully the deer will not detect you.

One of the most important checks you can do, and should do each year, is take time to check all your treestands, and climbing sticks. I inspect all hardware, webbing straps and chains. This can be done in your backyard. If you have a tree available I like to attach the stand and get on it. By getting on the stand I can check for any little squeaks. A little squeak can blow a hunt big time! The stand I’m checking in the photo is a Lone Wolf set that uses webbing straps. I also have stands that have chains and will check where they attach to the stand.

If you leave your stand out all year, one thing you need to check for is rust. Stands like ladder stands that use tubes can have water that will get trapped inside and rust. Freezing temperatures can also cause water to freeze and break or expand the tube.

Be careful out there and good luck.

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