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Attract Rutting Bucks with Tink's Hot Shot Mists

Attract Rutting Bucks with Tink's Hot Shot Mists


Tink's has been the go-to name in deer lures and scents for more than 40 years. Now, in the best deer-luring form yet, Tink's new Hot Shot line of mists are sure to bring those big rutting bucks right to you this season.

The new line of Hot Shot mists comes in an easy-to-use spray can that contains a special internal bag that separates the deer lure from the pressurizing agent - allowing for undiluted, 100 percent product dispersal. Unlike other aerosol bombs, the New Hot Shot does not mix a propellant with the lure. So you get 100% pure scent 100% of the time.

The Hot Shot spray can spray longer than traditional spray cans dispersing all 3 ounces of the product from the can. It sprays a fine, powerful mist at any angle, even upside down, for easy application. To top it off, the Hot Shot can produces a quiet mist with no product spitting, so you can spray it anywhere and anytime without spooking deer.

The Tink's #69 Doe-in-Rut Mist contains 100 percent natural doe estrous urine collected from live whitetail does during their estrous cycle. The doe estrous urine is a tried-and-true product that hunters have come to rely on for luring in those monster bucks during rut.

The Hot Shot Trophy Buck Lure Mist is 100 percent natural rutting buck urine collected from dominant bucks and reinforced with tarsal gland and interdigital gland secretions. The rutting odor of a buck stimulates a territorial challenge to another buck and provokes him to seek out the foreign buck. When bucks are traveling in bachelor groups, this lure works great at peaking their curiosity and luring them directly to you.

Add a Tink's Hot Shot mist to your deer-luring arsenal this rut season, and be prepared to lure in the buck of your dreams.

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