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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Will My Lure Be Good Next Season?

With any natural urine when exposed to air it will start to break down. As long as the cap is tight and out of direct sunlight and stored at room temperature it will be fine for the next hunting season.

How Do I Know What Type of Lure to Use for the Time of Season I'm Hunting?

For the most part you can break down deer lures into a few different categories, those are, Early Season, Curiosity, Buck Urine, Doe P, Doe Estrous, Scrape and Mock Scrape products. The one category that a hunter could use wrong for the time of year is those products that are designed for the Whitetail Rut. These products are doe estrous or doe in heat. The best time to use doe estrous products is when those bucks are chasing does. All other lures can be used through the entire season.

How Do I Know When the Rut is at it's Peak?

One of the best ways to find out is to just ask the question at a local sporting goods store. They live in the area and get good information from local hunters. The sure fire way to know is when you see bucks chasing does in the middle of the day and in the wide open. Another way is if you have been hunting scrapes and the buck has stopped tending or visiting that scrape that means he is now tending or spending all his time looking for does.

How Much Deer Lure Should I Put Out?

Keep in mind that one way deer communicate is by smell. But don’t expect to put out one little drop and expect deer to smell it. To attract a deer using a lure, the deer First Must Be Down Wind of the Lure, meaning the wind is blowing from the lure to the deer. If it’s not, he or she will never smell it! Here at Tink’s we recommend using our Scent Bombs. Take 3 Scent Bombs and fill them with about 1/3rd of your preferred lure and place them in different locations around your stand site. This way if the wind changes and a deer comes in from a different direction, they will smell the lure.

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