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  1. CWD Evolution™ Expert Testing to Ensure Safety of Deer Urine Based Products
  2. Reliable Commercial Test for CWD Prions In Deer Scents Exists, Is in Wide Use
  3. CWD Testing on Urine Based Scents
  4. Response to Restrictions on Use of Deer Lures….
  5. Response to South Carolina Deer Urine Ban….
  6. Tink’s® Expands Offering to Bring Deer Even Closer
  7.  Arcus Hunting Wins Five Readers' Choice Awards from Bowhunting World and Predator Xtreme
  8. Arcus Hunting Teams With Pigman To Promote Obsession Bows, Trophy Taker, Dead Down Wind, Tink's Brands
  9. Tink's Introduces Exciting New Dispensers, Attractants for Deer Hunters
  10. Arcus Hunting Partners With
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