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TINK’S – Trophy Kit Deluxe Combo w/Camo Bag

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Tink’s – Trusted by hunters for over 40 years. With proven innovation and proven results, the Tink’s goal is to deliver superior product and the best possible experience for generations to come. This Tink’s Trophy Kit Deluxe Combo contains all the essentials needed to help you get the upper hand into one neat, easy-to-carry travel bag! Tink’s Trophy Kit Deluxe Combo bag contains - Tink’s Hot Shot Power Buck synthetic Whitetail Deer urine mist and Tink’s #69-X Synthetic Doe Estrous provide dual options for drawing in big, dominant, Whitetail Deer by appealing to territorial challenge, pre-rut, and rut timing of doe. Use the Tink’s Scent Bomb as a dispenser for either scent lure and double check your upwind/downwind status with the Tink’s Wind Chaser for prime positioning when dominant bucks in your hunting area are drawn in!

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  • Tink’s embroidered bag in camo pattern. Contains two mesh pockets inside and see-through plastic pocket on the outside to keep all your Tink’s scent lures, dispensers, and accessories in one neat, easy-to-carry travel bag.
  • Tink’s Hot Shot Power Buck – Synthetic Buck Urine Mist. Induces territorial challenges to draw in dominant Whitetail bucks.
  • Tink’s #69-X Bottle – 4oz – Synthetic Doe Estrous. Easy to use squirt-top bottle; Use in scrapes or mock scrapes and let natural earth moisture reactivate the formula over time.
  • Tink’s Wind Chaser – Wind Detector. Get upwind and stay there!
  • Tink’s Scent Bomb – Liquid Lure Dispenser and scent container.
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